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      S u e  B u r k e ,  L C S W --
      Counselor, Life Coach
                     and Public Speaker

Sue is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has nearly 20 years of experience.  In the past 7 years, Sue has added Life Coaching and Public Speaking as part of the services that she offers.    

Sue is now offering Counseling in a new location.  Sue joined Renewed Hope Behavioral Health (Doctor Linda Zulovich's office), located at 15 Woodland Center Drive, Grove City, PA,  in the Spring of 2016.  This new environment is pleasing to clients and has worked well for each person's wellness due to a private professional space and the pleasant staff. 

Counseling costs vary depending on each person's insurance plan.  To determine the 'out of pocket' cost of counseling, call the number on the back of your insurance card.  However, the true cost of counseling is the cost of potential losses if counseling is not obtained such as loss of a job promotion, loss of  a marriage, loss of a job and loss of friends.  Counseling helps a person avoid unnecessary losses in their life

For more information about Renewed Hope Behavioral Health, check out the website:


At this new location, Sue is also offering Life Coaching to further help people improve their lives by achieving their goals for a successful future.

See details on pages three and four of this website explaining what Life Coaching offers and how it differs from Counseling. 

Life Coaching is offered as a fee-for-service option at only $60.00 for a full one hour session.  The average cost of this service is often twice that amount but Sue has kept the cost low to make this service affordable. 


Public Speaking is centered on wellness and coping.   She has primarily focused on programs at area hospitals such as 'Coping With Diabetes' and 'Reducing Caretaker Stress', etc.  Call 724-458-0811 to discuss fees and topics available.


Educational Background:

Sue has earned three degrees:

**Business Adminstration Degree -- 
       Penn State University in 1984
**Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology -- 
       Grove City College in 1996
**Master’s in Social Work --- 
       University of Pittsburgh in 1998. 


Areas of Expertise:

Sue’s areas of expertise includes providing strategies to achieve your goals, eliminate obstacles and realize your potential. 


Mission or Philosophy Statement:

“With the right tools and mentoring, I believe that everyone can make a successful future".


Sue Enjoys:

Bicycling, Hiking , Tennis, Photography, Spending Time with Family and Friends, and Camping.


Call 724-458-0811 to make an appointment for Counseling or Life Coaching or to discuss a Public Speaking Engagement.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - .......Albert Einstein
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